i48 is proud to announce our latest filmmaking event for February 2020: the i48 Comedy Short Film Festival.

Ten (10) local filmmaker teams will sign up to shoot a short comedy film (no longer than ten minutes) during the month of February 2020. The films must be comedies (of any genre) containing two (2) elements supplied by i48: a line of dialogue and prop. There is no ratings restriction for the films. Completed films are due by 3/31/20 with a public screening to follow at the Gem Center for the Arts. Due to the potential “R” rating of films, children seventeen (17) or younger will not be admitted to the screening unless accompanied by parent or guardian.

Awards will be given for Best Film, Best Technical Achievement (encompassing cinematography, sound, editing and digital effects) Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay. Best Film shall receive a cash prize of $250, and the Best Screenplay winner shall receive a cash prize of $100.

On-line sign-up for this event opens on 12/1/19 at 10:00AM at idaho48.org. The registration fee is $55 per team. The event is capped at ten (10) teams, and will be filled first-come, first served.

A team representative will be required to meet with i48 for a Pre-Production Meeting on Saturday, 2/1/20, time TBD, at the Gem Center for the Arts Building.  At this meeting, each team will receive their prop and line of dialogue to be included in their film.

Finished screenplays must be submitted electronically to i48 by 2/29/20. Submitted screenplays must redact the screenwriter and/or team name from the script to promote unbiased judging. The screenplays will be judged by a separate panel who will not see the finished films in advance.

Teams are encouraged to shoot their films during February 2020 and use March 2020 for post-production. Finished films are due via on-line submission by 3/31/20 at 11:59 p.m.

The completed films will be screened on Friday, April 10th at the Gem Center for the Arts.  An Awards Ceremony and After-Party will follow the screening.

More Information coming soon

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