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2024 i48 February Challenge Collaboration Project Actor Signup

i48 is proud to announce a revival of one our most successful February Challenges ever – the Collaboration Project.  The Collaboration Project is a large-scale collaboration between local screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and crew to create up to ten (10) original short films up to ten (10) minutes long in February 2024


i48 is seeking forty (40) actors of all ages and genders to participate in the project. The first forty (40) actors to volunteer on a first-come, first-served basis will be cast in a short film. All actors will participate in a filmed audition on 2/3/24 at The Creative Space in Garden City, Idaho. Actors will be contacted to set up a time for the audition. The audition tapes will then be provided to the Director/Producer teams who will select their cast. The films will be shot between 2/16/24 and 3/3/24.


IMPORTANT! The spirit of this project is to have fun and encourage collaboration between filmmakers and actors who have not worked together before. The actors will not have any choice in which role or film they are cast. It is critical that the actors be willing to work with any Director/Producer team and give 100% to whatever role and project they are assigned. All films will be rated “PG-13” or below so there should be no subject matter or role that puts any actor in a compromising position.  IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE A FUN ADVENTURE PLEASE JOIN US! IF YOU LIKE TO HAVE GREATER CONTROL OVER THE ROLES AND FILMS YOU PARTICIPATE IN, THIS IS NOT THE PROJECT FOR YOU!




By 1/13/24: Volunteer to participate by signing up online

Please include your name, age, preferred email (one you check regularly) and phone number. The first forty (40) actors to volunteer will be guaranteed a role in a film. We will send you a confirmation email.


By 1/21/24: You will receive all the information about the audition process.


2/3/24 Actor audition will be held at The Creative Space in Garden City, Idaho. Director/Producer teams will NOT be present for the auditions. The auditions will be filmed.


2/10/24:  You will be notified for which film you have been cast and provided contact information for your Director/Producer team.


2/16/24 – 3/3/24:  Films will be shot. You MUST be available to shoot on the weekends of 2/17-2/18 and 2/24-2/25.


4/6/24: The completed films will screen at the Flicks Theatre.  Each actor will be entitled to one (1) free ticket to the screening.

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