Here are the h48/2019 Award Winners...

Audience Choice – “The Boy I Left Behind” by NEWTON TO NEWTON PRODUCTIONS
Best Gore/SFX - “Jimmy in Wonderland” by FILM BASTERDZ
Best Scream Queen - the cast of “Malice” by LEAVE IT TO CHANCE PICTURES
Best Villian/Baddie - Jared Waters in “The One” by TWICE CANARY
Best of Fest - “Feast in Eternity” by WISER WOLVES PRODUCTIONS

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in another great year of h48!


Here are the h48 films that will be screening on Saturday!

Hall Films – Sticks and Stones
Cult of Colours Productions – Till Death Do Us Part
Monkey-Boo Films – Two Guys Horror Anthology
Wiser Wolves Productions – Feast in Eternity
Clam City – Labyrinth
Pineapple Productions – Malheur
SkyReach Productions – Hospital 51
Twice Canary – The One
Newton to Newton Productions – The Boy I Left Behind
Leave It To Chance Pictures – Malice
P.M. Films – Ensom
Film Basterdz – Jimmy In Wonderland
Reel Brothers – Maere
Team Resurrection/PWP – Ugly Bones

Click here for official rules, tech specs, filmmaker agreement, etc.

h48 is the horror version of i48. Just like i48, but without the PG requirement. h48 is held each year in October as part of the Idaho Horror Film Festival, with a limited number of teams that can participate. Teams are given a horror genre, line, and prop that they must use in the 4-6 minute film.

Due to the R-rated nature of the h48 films, we don't publish those online. Sorry.

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