2024 February Challenge Collaboration Project


i48 is proud to announce a revival of one our most successful February Challenges ever – the Collaboration Project.  The Collaboration Project is a large-scale collaboration between local screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and crew to create up to ten (10) original short films up to ten (10) minutes long in February 2024


Beginning in November 2023, screenwriters from Idaho or with ties to Idaho are encouraged to submit original short film screenplays no more than ten (10) pages in length. The films can be in any genre, but must adhere to a PG-13 rating or below, must be able to be filmed in the Treasure Valley during February 2024, and have speaking roles for a minimum of four (4) actors. The deadline for screenplay submissions to i48 will be 1/6/24.


Starting in November 2023, i48 will recruit up to ten (10) Director/Producer Teams.  Following the screenplay submission deadline of 1/6/24, the screenplays will be “blind submitted” (i.e. without identifying the author) to the Director/Producer teams.  From the submissions, the Director/Producer teams will select a screenplay to produce.


Beginning in January 2024, i48 will recruit up to forty (40) actors of all ages and genders to participate in the films.  All actors will be required to participate in a short filmed audition in on 2/3/24. The audition tapes will be submitted to the Director/Producer Teams to use in casting their films.  The first forty (40) actors to volunteer and participate in the filmed audition will receive a speaking role.


Once screenplays are selected and casts are solidified, the filmmaking teams will have between 2/16/24 and 3/3/24 to film their movies. The teams will have the month of March 2024 to edit their films for final submission on 3/31/24. A public screening of all completed films will be at The Flicks on 4/6/24.


This time around the Collaboration Project will be a competition with awards given for Best Screenplay ($100 cash prize and trophy), Best Film (trophy), 2nd Best Film (trophy), Best Actor (trophy), Best Actress (trophy) and Best Cinematography (trophy).


The goals of the Collaboration Project are (1) to provide the opportunity for screenwriters who might not otherwise have access to a production team to see their work realized on the big screen, (2) to push director/producing teams to make a film not of their own idea or creation, and (3) to encourage directors and producers to work with new actors and vice versa.  Overall, the goal is encourage collaboration between new voices and new faces within the Boise filmmaking community.


It was another great year of creeps and chills. Thanks to all the filmmakers for making some great films!


Here are the award winners:

Audience Choice Award: Kane: To Hell, with Love by Mind Wind Films
Best Baddie/Villian: Brandon Freeman in Happy Ending by Ice Cream Entertainment
Best Scream Queen: Morgan Kelly in Lurch’s Lurking Lube & Lamentation Lair by Parallel Worlds Productions
Best Gore/SFX: Happy Ending by Ice Cream Entertainment
Best Film: Happy Ending by Ice Cream Entertainment

It's that time of year again!

Ready for a movie night at the Old Idaho Penitentiary?

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Friday, September 15: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm).
Saturday, September 16: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm).
Guests can explore the Old Idaho Penitentiary before screenings begin. Concessions and no-host bar available to purchase on-site. Parental discretion is advised. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Seating is limited, so get tickets soon!
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i48 2023 Award Winners

Thank you to everyone for a great festival! Here are the award winners!



Best Use of Character: “The Receptionist” by MacGuffin Media
Best Use of Dialogue: “The Date” by Monkey-Fu Films
Best Use of Prop: “First Case” by Wander Pictures
Best Actor: Ben Jensen in “A Second Chance” by AllrichFilms
Best Actress: Annie Payne in “First Case” by Wander Pictures
Best Sound/Music: “Second Chance” by AllrichFilms
Best Cinematography: “Second Chance” by AllrichFilms
2nd Best Film: “Ruby’s Heist” by Rocket to the Moon
Best Film: “Second Chance” by AllrichFilms


Best Use of Character: “Drowning” by Episodic Studios
Best Use of Dialogue: “Killing Barbie” by Clam City
Best Use of Prop: “The Legend of Sal Scoops” by Wandering Sunfish
Best Actor: Austin Von Johnson in “Magpies” by Bing Bong & Friends
Best Actress: Brooke Burton in “The Following is a Paid Advertisement for GloboChurch” by Vacant 12 Films
Best Sound/Music: “Snake Oil” by Tin Can Studios
Best Cinematography: “Magpies” by Bing Bong & Friends
2nd Best Film: “The Following is a Paid Advertisement for GloboChurc by Vacant 12 Films
Best Film: “Magpies” by Bing Bong & Friends


2023 is the 20th Anniversary of the Idaho Forty-Eight Hour Film Festival and Competition (“i48”). Over the past twenty years, 778 teams have embraced the challenge to write, produce, cast, costume, secure locations, shoot, edit, and musically score a completed film in just 48 hours. Making the safe assumption that i48 films are an average of five (5) minutes long, this means i48 teams have produced 3890 minutes of movies – or 65 hours. If you wanted to watch every i48 film ever made, you’d need two and half days to do it.


Filmmakers from the Treasure Valley and throughout Idaho can join this proud history by signing up now for i48/2023. This i48 will follow the same rules and format as our past 19 years, but we know you’ll feel extra amazing being a part of our 20th! The Competition will run from 6:00pm on June 2, 2023 to 6:00pm on June 4, 2023. As always, all completed films will be included in a public screening at The Flicks in Boise on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The “Best of i48/2023”, showcasing the award winnings films, will play on Sunday, June 11, 2023 at the historic Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise.


All participating teams in i48’s 20th Anniversary will receive some free 20th Anniversary swag to mark the occasion. Additionally, we’re bringing back t-shirts with some special commemorative i48 20th Anniversary t-shirts available for sale at all screenings!


i48 can already vote in elections and next year, i48 will be able to legally drink. Kids grow up so fast these days…