h48 Technical Specifications

*1920 x 1080p at 23.976 frame rate only. Any films that don’t follow these guidelines may have artifacts or problems when screening. When in doubt Find Out and Call Jake to let him know of any technical issue you may have – If your camera or editing software doesn’t allow for these settings let Jake know ASAP so we can make a game plan on how to achieve a successful screening. 


*Use h.264 codec with either a .mp4 or .mov container (Don’t know what this is – Google Search or call Jake)


*All films should be under 800MB – ideally they are around 400MB – having any film over 1 gig will have to be compressed again by Jake at a lower bitrate – making your film look more compressed – so just try to make sure the settings aren’t too large of a file so we don’t have to do a new compression.


*Films need to be delivered online: Use WeTransfer only (www.wetransfer.com) to jakekuwana@gmail.com. In the text block include your name, team name and film title. You will get an email letting you know it has been submitted as well as another email saying it has been downloaded when Jake downloads it, so you will know it was received and you are good to go. IMPORTANT: DROPBOX, GOOGLEDRIVE OR ANYTHING ELSE WON’T BE ACCEPTED AND YOUR FILM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!


*When you name your film file: TeamName_FilmName_h482023. This way it is less confusing for everyone. If you have separate versions, you can apply a V1/V2/D1/D2 at the end to specify version or draft number.


*Any technical questions call Jake at 208-670-1883 or email him jakekuwana@gmail.com


(Call or text will be the fastest way to reach Jake)