h48 Official Rules

1) Filmmaker teams must have at least two (2) members. All cast and crew must be volunteers.


3) Films MAY NOT include and WILL NOT be screened that depict a) any sexual activities or exploitation of minor children, b) actual cruelty to animals, or c) actual commission of any misdemeanor or felony crimes as defined by Idaho Code.


5) Filmmaker teams cannot pre-plan or pre-produce any element of their h48 short film except the following: A) organizing the team and securing equipment, supplies, crew and potential cast members, B) scouting and securing locations, and C) securing rights to pre-recorded, royalty-free, original music for use as soundtrack music.

6) All films must be original work created during the 48 hour of the competition. Given the old adage “there are no new stories” and the existence of millions of short films on the Internet it is inevitable that films will share similarities or be inspired by existing sources. If your film or story is substantially inspired by an existing film, novel, short story, article or Internet source, please credit authorship to the original author. Shot-for-shot remakes of existing films or use of pre-existing screenplays are prohibited and will result in disqualification of your film from competition and/or screening.

7) At the pre-production meeting on October 13, 2023, teams will be assigned A) the specific sub-genre of horror film the team must create, B) a line of dialogue, and C) a prop. These three (3) elements must be included in the team’s film. Out of town teams
will receive the packets via email.

8) All films must be delivered, in approved format, by 6:00 p.m. on Oct 15, 2023 on-line – via WeTransfer to be eligible for awards/cash prizes.

9) All films must adhere to the technical specifications that are in the packet. The tech specs are also available to download on the i48 website. It is recommended that the team cinematographer and editor look at the specs ahead of time so they can be prepared.

Any questions or concerns about technical specs and exporting, you can contact Jake
Kuwana at 208-670-1883 or jakekuwana@gmail.com.

10) Teams must turn in four (4) items by the 6:00pm the deadline on Oct 15, 2023:

A) a copy of the finished film in an approved format – via WeTransfer to Jake Kuwana- jakekuwana@gmail.com

B) a copy of the screenplay for the film

C) talent/location releases for all cast and privately owned locations depicted in the film.

Items B, C MUST BE EMAILED to josie@idaho48.org by 6:00pm – do not send the paperwork with the film via WeTransfer.

D) featured actor credits – Here is the link to the actor credits – h48 Actor Credits

11) To qualify for consideration for awards, each team’s film must comply all of the rules and with their assigned specific type of horror film and include the line of dialogue and the prop.

12) All filmmaker teams must write an original screenplay for their film within the 48 hours, a copy of which shall be included with the finished film. Screenplays do not need to adhere to any industry-accepted standard and can by in any format (typed, handwritten, etc.) Substantially improvised movies are prohibited. (Creativity on-the-spot is inevitable and encouraged so the finished film and the screenplay may differ, but filmmaker teams must be working from a screenplay.)

13) All footage must be shot within the 48 hour time period of the competition. No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the 48 hour time period.

14) Music: Filmmaker teams are encouraged to work with local composers and/or musicians to write and record music for the films. Understanding that this may be difficult to achieve during the 48 hours of the competition, it is permissible for filmmaker
teams secure rights to use pre-recorded music prior to the competition. Filmmaker teams must have the rights to any music used in their films. Filmmaker teams do not need to provide written “music rights” release forms to h48.

15) h48 films must be a minimum length of four (4) minutes and maximum length of six (6) minutes, EXCLUDING ending credits. So—the clock starts ticking with the first image of your film, be it opening credits, your production team’s logo, etc and ends with final image of your film, EXCLUDING ending credits.

16) Films must include ending credits, limited to a MAXIMUM of 30 seconds. Please include the following credit:

This film made as a part of h48/2023

17) Each team must secure talent releases and location releases, which must be turned in by 6pm on October 15, 2023. Copies of suitable talent releases and location releases are available to download on the website www.idaho48.org

18) IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF. Filmmaker teams agree that i48 will become a co-owner of the completed h48 films and i48 has the right to screen, show, exhibit, broadcast or disseminate in any way possible, including and not limited to theatrical
release, DVD compilation for sale to the public, broadcast television, cable television and/or the internet; and the right to publicize h48 using the name or images of the films.
Filmmaker teams retain all other rights to their film.

19) Filmmaker teams will not exhibit, broadcast or disseminate their films (including posting their films on-line on personal or commercial web-sites such as You-Tube or Vimeo) until AFTER the h48 screening at The Egyptian Theatre on October 22, 2023.
Once the public screening is completed, filmmaker teams are encouraged to distribute and show their movies however and whenever they want.

20) Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in disqualification of the film for consideration for awards and/or screening. Inclusion of a film in the screening is entirely within the discretion of the Directors of h48.

21) The Directors of h48 may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the competition.