2017 i48 February Challenge
Award Winners:

Best Film: Platform with Blend In

Best Screenplay: Platform with Blend In

Synimatica Selection: Wild Lile Productions with Unspoken




The Idaho Forty-Eight Hour Film Competition and Festival (“i48) is proud to announce its newest challenge for Idaho filmmakers: the i48 February Challenge!   Ten (10) teams of Idaho filmmakers are invited to shake off the doldrums of winter and spend the month of February 2017 making a short film, no longer than ten (10) minutes in duration.  In keeping with i48, at the Pre-Production meeting on February 1, 2017 each team will be given a short portion of a generic script that must be included in the team’s completed script, as well as a prop that must be featured in the completed film.  Beyond that, teams have complete creative control over the content, style, and genre of their film.  There will be no ratings restriction for the i48 February Challenge films.  After the launch on February 1, 2017 the teams will have until 11:59 p.m. on February 28, 2017 to write, produce, shoot, edit and submit their films.

All completed films will screen at a “Festival and Awards Ceremony” held at The Flicks in downtown Boise Saturday, April 8th at 12:30pm. Tickets are $7 and available at the Flicks box office. Awards will be given for Best Film ($250 cash prize and trophy) and for this competition only: Best Screenplay!  There will be separate judging panels to determine the “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay” – the “Best Screenplay” judges will receive only copies of the screenplays and make their decision without having seen the completed movies beforehand.

One reason that i48 has decided to give teams a full month to make their films is that we encourage collaboration and cross-pollination between the teams.  Cast and crew are permitted and encouraged to work on multiple projects.  Yes, this is a competition, but more importantly, this event is intended to challenge Idaho filmmakers to make the best short films possible.