i48 is proud to announce our latest unique stand-alone filmmaking event for February 2019: the i48 February 2019 Collaboration Project. With generous support from the Boise City Department of Arts & History, i48 will be sponsoring a large-scale collaboration between local screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and crew to create up to ten (10) original short films up to ten (10) minutes long in February 2019.

Beginning in October 2018, screenwriters from across the Treasure Valley are encouraged to submit original short film screenplays no more than ten (10) pages in length. The films can be in any genre, but must adhere to a “PG” rating, must be able to be filmed in the Treasure Valley during February 2019, and have speaking roles for a minimum of four (4) actors. The deadline for screenplay submissions to i48 will be 1/15/19.

Starting in December 2018, i48 will recruit up to ten (10) Director/Producer Teams. Following the screenplay submission deadline of 1/15/19, the screenplays will be “blind submitted” (i.e. without identifying the author) to the Director/Producer teams. From the submissions, the Director/Producer teams will select a screenplay to produce. The screenwriters whose scripts are chosen for production will receive $100.

Beginning in January 2019, i48 will recruit up to forty (40) actors of all ages and genders to participate in the films. All actors will be required to participate in a short filmed audition in early February. The audition tapes will be submitted to the Director/Producer Teams to use in casting their films. The first forty (40) actors to volunteer and participate in the filmed audition will receive a speaking role.

Once screenplays are selected and casts are solidified, the filmmaking teams will have between February 15, 2019 and March 3, 2019 to film their movies. The teams will have the month of March 2019 to edit their films for a public screening at The Flicks in early April 2019.

The Collaboration Project is not a competition and no awards will be given. Each filmmaking team will receive a stipend of $300 upon successful submission of their film to i48.

The goals of the Collaboration Project are (1) to provide the opportunity for screenwriters who might not otherwise have access to a production team to see their work realized on the big screen, (2) to push director/producing teams to make a film not of their own idea or creation, and (3) to encourage directors and producers to work with new actors and vice versa. Overall, the goal is to encourage collaboration between new voices and new faces within the Boise filmmaking community.

Call for Screenplay Submissions!

i48 is looking for short screenplays to be produced as a part of the i48 February Collaboration Project. If you are a screenwriter with an idea for a great short film that can be shot in the Treasure Valley during February 2019 we want to see your script! If your script is selected for production, you will receive $100 from i48 for the right to shoot your movie.


  1. Screenplays must be no more than ten (10) pages long. The finished completed films can be no more than ten (10) minutes long, so keep that in mind as to the length of your screenplay.
  2. Screenplays must be “PG” or “G” rated, so cannot contain profanity, nudity or extreme violence.
  3. Screenplays must have at least four (4) characters with at least one (1) line of dialogue each. Characters can be of any age or gender. You can leave characters gender neutral (encouraged).
  4. Screenplays can be of any genre.
  5. The films must be set in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. It is not required, but highly recommended, that the films be set in the present day.
  6. Screenplays must be set in winter as the films will shot be in the last two (2) weeks of February 2019.


    The first page of the screenplay must be a cover page that has only the title of the film, with no screenwriter or other identifying information listed. This allows us to “blind submit” your scripts to the Producer/Director teams for consideration.


  1. You may submit up to 2 screenplays.
  2. DEADLINE IS 11:59PM on 1/15/19
  3. Email your finished screenplay(s) with cover page to andrew@idaho48.org and josie@idaho48.org.
  4. Include in your e-mail the following information so i48 can maintain records of who wrote which screenplay and contact you if necessary:


  1. All received screenplays that comply with the specifications will be “blind submitted” to the Producer/Director teams for their consideration.
  2. The Producer/Director teams will select a screenplay from those submitted.
  3. If your screenplay is selected for production, you will receive $100 from i48 to use your screenplay.
  4. Once your screenplay is selected, your name and contact information will be provided to the Producer/Director team so they can contact you and involve you in the production process.


    The films will be shot by Idaho filmmakers, using Idaho talent in locations within the Treasure Valley within a two (2) week time frame in February 2019. Each team will receive $300 from i48 to pay a small stipend to cast and crew, but will otherwise have no budget except whatever the filmmaking team is willing to pay from their own pockets. Please keep this in mind as you write your screenplay. If you write a story that requires a cast of hundreds with lavish production needs, your screenplay will not likely be selected. i48 doesn’t want to stifle your creativity but suggests that “smaller” contemporary stories, set in a few easily obtainable locations that don’t require elaborate action sequences or complicated special effects will have the greatest chance of being selected for production.