Idaho's 48 Hour Film Competition and Festival

Another great year of i48 is in the books! Congratulations to all the teams that participated! You are what makes this such a fabulous event! We'll see you in October for h48!


Here are this year's award winners


“God’s Clay” by Flywheel



Best Use of Prop: “Code Z” by HallFilms Productions
Best Use of Character: “Help Wanted” by Wiser Wolves Productions
Best Use of Dialogue: “The Listener” by Broad Oak Productions
Best Sound/Music: “Man of the House” by Rolly Films
Best Cinematography: “Man of the House” by Rolly Films
Best Actor: Matt Michaelowski in “Yosh” by Sheep Kings
Best Actress: Kristin Hall in “Code Z” by HallFilms Productions
2 nd Best Film: “Man of the House” by Rolly Films
Best Film: “Help Wanted” by Wiser Wolves Productions



Best Use of Prop: “For Jane” by Newton to Newton Productions
Best Use of Character: “Rules of a Volunteer Courier” by Flying Fedora Films
Best Use of Dialogue: “The Door” by Northwest Motion Pictures
Best Sound/Music: “Forever Home” by Redline Entertainment
Best Cinematography: “Interceptors” by Buss Films
Best Actor: Jordan Gore in “Quik Trips” by Pineapple Productions
Best Actress: Leta Harris Neustaedter in “Resistance” by Light Bender
2 nd Best Film: “Quik Trips” by Pineapple Productions
Best Film: “God’s Clay” by Flywheel


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i48 is a 48-hour film competition where, each June, teams of filmmakers from around Idaho have 48 hours to write, pre-produce, cast, shoot, and edit an original short film three to six minutes long. Each team is assigned four previously undisclosed elements that must be incorporated into their movie: 1) a line of dialogue, 2) a prop, 3) a character, and 4) the genre for their film. A week later, all completed films will be screened at the Flicks in Boise, Idaho, with a “Best Of i48” Screening and Awards Ceremony at the Egyptian Theatre.

Awards will be given in each category for Best Film, 2nd Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Sound/Music, Best Cinematography, Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Line of Dialogue, and Best Use of Character. Cash prizes will be awarded to the teams winning Best Film and 2nd Best Film in both the Open and Novice Divisions.

Started in 2004, i48 is going into our 15th year. We've grown and expanded, and now incorporate 3 events a year - i48 in June, h48 (the horror version of i48) in October, and just starting, the i48 February Challenge, where teams have 28 days to complete a 10 minute short.

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