Director Submissions are now closed.

With generous support from the Boise City Department of Arts & History, i48 is sponsoring the 2019 i48 February Collaboration Project: a large-scale collaboration between local screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and crew to create up to ten (10) original short films up to ten (10) minutes long in February 2019.

i48 is seeking ten (10) Director-Producer Teams to participate in this Project. The Director-Producer teams shall consist of two (2) people who will lead the creation of one (1) original short film.


1/16/19: You will receive electronic copies of all screenplays submitted for consideration for the Collaboration Project. The scripts will be “blind submitted” i.e. you will not know authorship. Read the scripts and identify your top five (5) scripts, listed in order of preference.

1/27/19: Email your list of top 5 scripts to: and

1/28/19: You will be notified by i48 which screenplay has been assigned to you. We cannot guarantee that you get your top pick, thus the need to list your top five (5) preferences.

2/2/19 & 2/3/19: Actor auditions will be held. Director-Producer teams will NOT be present for the auditions. The auditions will be filmed.

2/4/19: You will receive a copy of all of the filmed auditions via a link to Vimeo.

2/9/19 @ 10 a.m.: All Director-Producer teams will meet in person with i48 (location TBD) to cast your films, via a “lottery/draft” system. You must cast four (4) actors from the auditions on February 2 nd & 3 rd in your film in speaking roles. Any additional roles you may cast on your own.

2/15/19 – 3/3/19: Shoot your film.

3/31/19: Submit your completed film to i48. You will receive a stipend of $300 upon submission of your completed film.

4/6/19: Public screening of completed films at The Flicks